50 Spoiled Cats That Probably Live Better Than You

Some people have cats and some people have dogs. The unknown number of these latter are living in delusion. They think they have cats, but in reality, it is their cats who own them. How is this possible? These pictures speak louder than thousands upon thousands of words.

Compilation by The Wonderful Stories We present to you the list of feline kings and queens who are ruthless in their household management and make their own rules. It is a tribute to the inexplicable love we have for these furry, sneaky animals.

Do you also own a demanding mouser? You can share your story with us by hitting the comments.

50 Spoiled Cats That Probably Live Better Than You

“It is important to pay attention to your cat but it can be harmful to spoil him.”Molly DeVoss A certified feline behavior and training specialist who runs Cat Behavior Solutions agency The Wonderful Stories Interview via email Molly explains that there are two kinds of spoiling: Indulging in human spoiling and satisfying their species’ needs.

The cat behaviorist said that feeling responsible for relieving boredom and providing proper nutrition is a big difference from feeding cats pate and dressing them in clothes.

Molly stated that “if your cat is spoiled by you, it will be very difficult to prevent future behavior problems.”

She concluded that “on the other hand, if your cat is spoiled with clothes and food that aren’t healthy for him, it might eventually let you know how unhappy that cat is about it–and this could lead to aggression or destruction issues later on.”

Molly just did a great podcast on “Helicopter Cat Parents” for cat owners who are struggling to deal with demanding cats.

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